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Adventure Begins With a Dream

Hi, I’m Burt Crismore. Thank you for taking the time to explore my site. I’m a front-end designer by day, but have always loved photography. The Lost Trek started as a passion project in 2017 after I found my way back into the hobby. It wasn’t until I attended a workshop on astrophotography that the passion truly ignited. Standing in complete darkness, on the shores of Mono Lake, I pressed the shutter release on my camera and was surprised to see that I had captured the Milky way. From that point on, I decided to combine my love for the outdoors with photography as I capture those unique moments through the lens. 

Photography has lead me on adventures I never would have imagined. I’ve met some amazing people, shared wonderful stories, and created some of the best memories. I hope you’ll follow along as I search for The Lost Trek.